Thursday, 4 April 2013

Online Webinar

I was asked to speak on an online Webinar on the Virtual Learning Network.  This site supports teachers with ICT and has many forums that you can join into.
Here is a link to the webinar and some of the topics that were covered.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Screen Shots from our class ipads 2013

These screens are for reading suppport - the 2nd one has books that they can read
 This screen is maths ( a few are on the next screen as well)

 This is for Literacy
This is for creation and supports all areas of the curriculum.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

New Focus

5 Critical Mistakes Schools Make with Ipads

This is a really good article and has helped me Think about my next step focus for Term 4.  Having a student in for 4 weeks will allow me to set up small groups and projects for these groups.
  I will use

  • poppet lite for reading and Kaupapa, displaying data to share on the blog and with the class.  
  • Animation with a group of focus box with high needs- to engage them, give a purpose for writing and sharing with the class.  
  • Voice thread to record themselves read and reflect on where to next for themselves and begin peer feedback
  • Class video to our quadblogging classes
  • Story kit for reluctant writers
  • Toontastic and puppetpals for year 3 projects ( during swimming time)
We will use some of the ideas from posts about 1:30 ipad use in the classroom.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Term 3

Well we have begun with a look at inquiry across the curriculum.  This has made me rethink how the ipads are incorporated into this learning and the children owning the use of them for THEIR learning.

I have to plan in the ipad with what they will be used for, some sessions on how to video and take photos as well.

Some groups have used 'showme' in maths and it worked well more so with the lower groups than the higher ones.

Documenting our day and the amazing things we do is really important.  Taking them through the picassa programme in small groups will allow them to manipulate photos taken by them to add to the blog and share.

Some of the  programmes that we use on the computer are coming out with apps to support the mobile device like vocab city, spelling city.  I have to look at how to access studyladder on here as well.  The class are able to access this well on their own and because I can track the learning it works well.

I am going to focus on the chn just below standard that need a few gaps filled to reach standard and see how I can use the ipads to help in this way.  To begin with I will guide the learning using a variety of applications like ibooks, book creator and show me.

This will fit in well with the inquiry across the curriculum and how I can help these chn through our school inquiry in maths.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Week 7-10

Class Activity
Ideas from Allannah King

- checking blogs, reading, commenting
- put up certificates for comments - photos of chn holding them
- taking photos around the school and uploading to comic life in cartoon
- build your - chn build themselves and then print it and then write about it
- daily news - audio via divshare
- using audiopal for people to leave voice messages
- using puppetpals and chns photos to record reading
- using book create to share work
- using talking tom to copy us reading poem (making dominan sounds)
- spelling city
- lunchbox wiki collaboration

Some ideas to think about incorporating into Term 3's programme.  Some of the posts on the VLN have talked about how 1:30 can work with an ipad and I have started to do some reading around this.  Also how they shouldnt be used as a game centre for the class but used in a way that children have to problem solve and use ICT creatively to learn.

I have to rethink the goal I set out with was to engage special needs children in learning.
A review would say YES I have definitely met this goal, these particular chn are able to access apps that they can work on their own, enjoy doing this.  Often all areas of the day are hard work for this group.  Writing because of poor motor skills and the requirements to form a sentence make this daunting.  Maths is a lot or work and with the basics not solid can become very repetitiave.

The ipad has allowed them freedom to own and be empowered to learn at their pace and be independent which for most of the day doesn't happen.  They either have me, an aide or a peer support. 
So yes I met my goal and YES these chn have seen growth in all areas, letter and sound knowledge, reading and writing ability.  Also orally they are beginning to articulate in a clearer way what they want. 

Where to next? this space!!!!